Results shows will be cut back on American Idol 8

Fox is going to reverse on of its dumbest moves related to American Idol next season and reduce the bloated hour-long results show to just a half-hour, like it used to be. That’s one of many changes that will be made for American Idol 8, but the only one that Fox will confirm right now, and at least it’s one that will benefit us.

“Both the network and the producers really want to take a look at the show for next year and see what we can to do inject it with new levels of energy and new unpredictable twists and turns and ramp up the storytelling. We do constantly want to make this show the most relevant, zeitgeisty show on TV to keep it on the tips of everyone’s tongue,” Fox chair Peter Liguori told reporters, according to the L.A. Times.

While he said Paula will definitely return (“We love Paula. She’s coming back.”), not all of the excessive filler will. The Times reports that “Liguori also said that the Wednesday results show will, at least on most weeks, go back to a half-hour.” The paper also noted that “he’s not pleased with the performance of the show this year.”

Liguori blamed the strike for hurting the show (“the show has somewhat suffered from the post-strike malaise of folks watching less broadcast TV”), while Fox president Kevin Reilly defended the often-criticized cast. “There’s some real charm in that cast. Whether it’s caught the world on fire, I don’t know,” Reilly said. “Some of it is just natural maturity of the show. It’s been a phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t go through some natural aging just like any other show. We’ll do some of those creative twists next season, and we’ll see what comes out of it.”

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