David and David face off on American Idol 7’s finale

Finally, it has arrived: Not the epic showdown between the teenage vocalist and the 20-something rocker, but the final American Idol 7 performance show of the season. After tonight, it’s just one two-hour finale to get through, and considering that will feature yet another dead musician singing with a living one, that may be more entertaining than tonight’s show.

But first, as Julie Chen likes to say, it’s David versus David. If 1.3 million surveyed AOL users are any indication, and they probably are, the finalists are dead even going into tonight. David Cook had just 100 more votes than David Archuleta for the “best performance of the season” question, although Archuleta bested Cook for the “most overrated contestant” question. Professional oddsmakers also seem to be split; some favor Archuleta while others favor Cook.

David Archuleta is 17, but as The Boston Herald’s Mark A. Perigard reminds us, that is “the same age as Jordin Sparks when she won last year,” although David “carries himself as if he’s years younger.” That’s why he wants us to vote for David Cook, because Archuleta “is a frightened boy overwhelmed by the demands of an overbearing stage father and in way over his head.”

Really, though, the S.S. Save David Archuleta sailed long ago (that may be the lamest thing I’ve ever written), because whether or not one wins at this stage in the competition is unrelated to the possibility of future success. That Archuleta will produce a record and be run through the machine until he breaks down–or breaks free–may be the safest bet of all.

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