David Cook’s single leads downloads; his first album will be “a rock record”

David Cook’s rendition of The Time of My Life is the number one song on iTunes and MP3 on Amazon.com, probably because it was sung by David Cook and not because it’s the awful winner of the American Idol 7 songwriting contest.

Last Friday, that track “and the three songs he sang in this week’s ‘American Idol’ finale were the top four downloads on Apple Inc’s iTunes music store,” Reuters reports, while two David Archuleta songs came in at number nine and 10.

Once he’s able to make a real record, instead of recording schlock, David told reporters that his debut record will be “a mixture of my writing and hopefully writing with other people. I just want to come out of the gate with a solid record. … It’ll probably be a rock record. I just want to make a record that’s going to make the hair on your neck stand up … Even if it doesn’t do well commercially, as long as I can put out a record I am proud of — that’s the goal right now. And hopefully the success will follow,” he said.

David is now dating Kimberly Caldwell, or at least, he’s gone on a date with her. He asked her out on her TV Guide Network show. “I’m just excited because I finally get to talk to you. I’ve been hearing you say all these nice things about me all season, So I’m actually going to ask you to dinner right now,” he said, according to People. She said yes, and David later told Extra, “She’s great. So far, I’ve had a really good time with her.”

Meanwhile, car-dwelling reject Josiah Leming has turned his temporary fame into a record contract with Warner Bros, and is also turning on the show that made him famous. While he is still thankful for his time on the program, he told MTV News that the show is “like glorified karaoke. And yeah, I did it and it was great. I love those people there. They were great to me, and it gave me a great kick-start to my career. But the fact is, it’s glorified karaoke — they pick people with pretty faces and the pretty voices, and they don’t let them write their own songs. They pick these good-looking people with voices, and they have them sing these songs that other people have written. And therefore, it lacks passion, it lacks emotion and it lacks the things that set an artist off from being good to being great. So that’s my feeling on it.”

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