Real World Seattle’s Stephen says he’s gay and engaged

Stephen Williams, the Real World Seattle star best known for slapping Irene McGee in the face after she told him he was gay as she left the house, now admits he is, in fact, gay–and he’s engaged to a man.

He revealed this on Wednesday night’s Real World reunion and awards show, which I’m slowly working my way through, since the first 20 minutes were boring and mostly full of cast members from the Challenges. Stephen said, “I am engaged. I’m engaged now. I’m getting ready to hitch it, and it’s actually with my partner and he’s a really great guy. Very much in love and very proud of his achievements and looking forward to achieving a lot together.”

Stephen, who was arrested for prostitution in 2001, denied that he was gay during his season, which aired 10 years ago this summer. When Irene left the show, she called Stephen outside.

“A marriage between you and I would never work,” Irene awkwardly giggled. “You know that, because you’re a homosexual, Stephen.” He replied, “You think I’m a homo? Hahaha. Well, you’re a bitch.” After making masturbatory hand motions in front of his crotch, he went inside to get her stuffed animal, which he’d stolen and hidden from her, perhaps the most random and unexpected part of a string of unexpected moments. Then, of course, he ran up to the car she was in as it drove away, tapped on it, opened the passenger door, and slapped her in the face, because the best way to prove your heterosexuality is to slap a woman in the face.

If you want to relive that still-iconic moment, Jezebel has the uncensored footage of Irene’s exit from one of the show’s DVDs, and the clip of Stephen coming out is on YouTube.

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