Uncensored Real World footage available on new site

In advance of the premiere of The Real World Hollywood, MTV has launched Real World Dailies, a site that features “exclusive uncensored videos daily and production blog entries.”

Today’s video, the raw footage of Greg’s confessional, is excruciatingly boring (and annoying, considering he smacks gum throughout the whole clip). This is the kind of thing that should definitely be censored; thankfully, we have editors to spare us from it.

Some of the videos, though, have a “mature content” warning, and you have to verify your age to see it because of the language and/or nudity, although they don’t always deliver, like this one of Brianna throwing away her boyfriend’s clothes in which she says “fuck” but doesn’t do much else. Perhaps the most interesting part is watching long, uncut shots that feature camera operators opening doors and running to catch up with people.

The site’s first blog entry is by executive producer and show co-creator Jon Murray, who walks us through the move-in day from the producers’ perspective. Among other things, producers “have some concerns about Brianna” because “[s]he will have to return to Philadelphia for a court hearing” after an arrest; the crew is working to plan the arrivals of each pair of roommates “so that they all arrive within the same hour”; and producers have to get the seven dialysis machines ready because the cast’s livers are already damaged beyond repair.

Real World Dailies