Lauren Conrad is a registered Republican

Politics may not actually be a topic of conversation on The Hills, and Lauren Conrad may do her best to avoid committing herself, but the MTV reality star is, in fact, a Republican. Radar reports that it “called the Orange County elections office, and, yep, she’s a registered Republican.”

The magazine was prompted to do that by a report in New York Magazine from the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner Saturday, which Lauren Conrad actually attended, because our world is completely batshit crazy. When asked then which candidate she supports, she said, “You know what? I believe in a private ballot. I’ve done several things to, like, encourage people to vote. But I think when you go in and endorse somebody it kind of affects how people look at you or look at candidates.”

But the magazine watched when Craig Ferguson asked the audience to clap when he said, “Should I vote for the Republicans?” At that point, Lauren “clapped wildly,” while she “immediately placed her hands on the table and wrinkled her nose to her friend” when he said “Democrats.”

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