NBC: O.J. Simpson won’t be on Celebrity Apprentice 2

O.J. Simpson is not being considered as a cast member for the second season of The Celebrity Apprentice, according to NBC. A network spokesperson told The Orlando Sentinel that such rumors are “[c]ompletely false. NBC has not considered him and will not cast him on the show.”

Reuters got a similar denial–“NBC representatives have never considered O.J. Simpson for the next season of ‘The Apprentice,’ nor will,” spokesperson Amanda Ruisi said–but reports in its story that the network did confirm Donald “Trump and Simpson had spoken.” And “[a] spokeswoman for Trump said he was not considering Simpson, but she declined to provide further details.”

Its story notes that “[m]edia reports this week have speculated that business mogul Donald Trump, who is the show’s host and executive producer, had been approached by Simpson to participate in a new season of the show in which contestants compete against each other in a series of business endeavors.”

By “media reports,” Reuters means TMZ and Page Six‘s brand of annoyingly unsourced reports, which were spread around by lazy reporters until someone bothered to, you know, check with NBC, although TMZ shamelessly backtracked a day later and framed it as an “exclusive.” Bravo to the Sentinel’s Hal Boedeker and Reuters for getting actual information on the record. Such a crazy concept.

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