Paul missed Biggest Loser finale because he’s hospitalized; has had surgeries, a colostomy

While some cynics have suggested that Paul Marks missed The Biggest Loser 5‘s live finale last Tuesday because he’d gained weight and didn’t want to show up, he’s actually so sick that he’s been hospitalized for most of the time he’s been home, according to his teammate.

Kelly Fields told TV Guide that her ex-husband “is really, really sick. In the past two months he’s spent six weeks in the hospital. He’s had ruptured diverticula and he got a colostomy, which got gangrenous. He’s had [several] surgeries.”

She says Paul “would really love to [have been at the finale], and I’m sorry that he can’t be. He was truly missed. … I’m truly blessed that he still loves me. He’ll make a good husband for somebody, but we’re better off friends than we were as mates.”

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