The Biggest Loser has its first female winner as Ali wins the couples season

A woman won The Biggest Loser for the first time in the show’s history, as Ali took home the $250,000 prize. She was also the show’s actual biggest loser, having lost 112 pounds and 47.86 percent of her body weight, more than anyone else.

Roger won the viewer vote by a margin less than 100,000 votes, and he came in second having lost 45.18 percent of his body weight and 164 pounds, more pounds than any other contestant. Kelly, who lost 109 pounds and 40.22 percent of her body weight, placed third. Earlier, Bernie beat Mark by one pound to win the $100,000 at-home prize.

Unlike other finales, the contestants didn’t really seem to have undergone super-dramatic transformations. They were all thinner, but many still looked like they have a ways to go; perhaps that’s just because we saw many of them return relatively recently to the game, and thus their final transformations are less dramatic. Last season, eight people lost more than 40 percent of their body weight, while this season, six did.

The following is the breakdown of everyone’s weight loss, with finalists underlined:

  • Ali: 234 to 122, 112 pounds lost, 47.86%
  • Bernie: 283 to 153, 130 pounds lost, 45.94%
  • Mark: 285 to 156, 129 pounds lost, 45.26%
  • Roger: 363 to 199, 164 pounds lost, 45.18%
  • Dan: 310 to 174, 136 pounds lost, 43.87%
  • Kelly: 271 to 162, 109 pounds lost, 40.22%
  • Curtis: 381 to 231, 150 pounds lost, 39.37%
  • Jackie: 246 to 157, 89 pounds lost, 36.18%
  • Jay: 293 to 190, 103 pounds lost, 35.15%
  • Amanda: 204 to 140, 64 pounds lost, 31.37%
  • Trent: 436 to 301, 135 pounds lost, 30.96%
  • Mallory: 217 to 152, 65 pounds lost, 29.95%
  • Maggie: 239 to 169, 70 pounds lost, 29.29%
  • Bette-Sue: 261 to 186, 75 pounds lost, 28.74%
  • Neil: 217 to 229, 88 pounds lost, 27.76%
  • Brittany: 221 to 164, 57 pounds lost, 25.79%
  • Jenn: 254 to 190, 64 pounds lost, 25.20%
  • Jenni: 267 to 213, 54 pounds lost, 20.22%
  • Lynn: 409 to 329, 80 pounds lost, 19.56%

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