Nina Garcia’s future on Project Runway seems more certain than her future at Elle

Despite Nina Garcia’s departure as fashion director of Elle magazine, she may still appear on Project Runway 5 as a judge, regardless of what happens with that job.

“We’ll get her,” Harvey Weinstein told WWD. However, she may or may not still be connected to Elle for that season or future seasons, like season six, which debuts on Lifetime in November. Earlier, WWD reported that Nina “continued to mull over whether to accept a contributing editor’s role at the title after being pushed out on Friday. But even if she does, it’s only a temporary gig — sources said her time at Elle would end by the sixth season of ‘Project Runway,’ whether or not the magazine remains a partner. That means she’d no longer be involved with Elle as of mid-October.”

After being dismissed from her job, Nina “was offered the option to stay on in an at-large capacity on Friday.” That’s because, as WWD reported earlier, the show “has made Garcia a household name and raised Elle’s profile. … Sources close to the magazine said Garcia would have been shown the door a while ago, but her rising profile associated with ‘Project Runway’ gave Elle a reason to keep her. And it may do so again.”

Meanwhile, Jezebel says that Nina’s PR firm, Rubenstein Public Relations, “has handed off some of the Garcia damage control work to its interns, deploying legions of them to comment on sites like Perez Hilton and TMZ.” On those sites, they “leave encouraging and kind remarks, complete with stats on Nina’s many successes while at Elle in the comments,” the site says, citing several examples.

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