John Travolta surprises Oprah with news about her own reality show

Oprah Winfrey’s ABC reality show may be named after her, but Oprah apparently has no idea what’s going on Oprah’s Big Give. Luckily, she has John Travolta and a teleprompter to help her out.

On the penultimate episode last night, John Travolta flew the contestants from Central Florida to Chicago on his jet as a reward, although they all had to first fly to Orlando, which basically turned one flight into two unnecessary flights because Orlando was farther away from Chicago than they were. That was the show’s big give to environmentalists. But the journey was worth it to learn that Travolta plays Grease on the TVs on his plane. “There you are!” contestant Brandi said when one of his scenes appeared.

Later, Travolta reappeared during the elimination to tell the contestants that none of them would be eliminated, and Oprah was delighted and, before praising her own show, thanked him as if he’d just made that decision. “Yes! Yes! Thank you!” Oprah cheered. “I love this show! Ooooohhhh! Wow. Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.” (Yes, I counted the wows. Twice. I’m committed.)

The whole scene was very weird, because Oprah seemed like a guest on her own show (although even the episode description played up her surprise: “John Travolta makes an appearances with an announcement that stuns Oprah as well as the contestants”). I’d say that she was just faking it, because she’s the show’s executive producer, but after bumping the show’s actual host, Nate Berkus, out of the way to preside over the non-elimination elimination ceremony, she read all of her super-simple lines off the teleprompter in such a super-obvious way that the editors had to keep cutting away from close-ups. It was as awkward as watching Oprah fake-text the contestants.

The preview for next week told us that Jennifer Aniston will show up during the show’s finale. I wonder what news she’ll bring. “Oprah, you have a vagina!” “Yes! Yes! Thank you! Wow wow wow!”