Steve Guttenberg eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

Steve Guttenberg, the happiest celebrity contestant to ever appear on a reality show, was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars Tuesday night.

Surprisingly, Marissa Jaret Winokur, who received the lowest scores from the judges and seemed to be resigned to her exit, was saved early on. Once again, the show did not reveal anything except the couple who were eliminated (“because we sadistically enjoyed it so much, we’re not going to do it tonight, either,” Tom Bergeron said), so she conceivably could have been in the bottom two.

After being hospitalized for a neck injury, Derek appeared on the live show, but he did not participate in the dance with his sister and Mark Ballas that accompanied Kylie Minogue’s second performance. His injury wasn’t mentioned.

Meanwhile, Adam Carolla, who clearly made his partner Julianne uncomfortable with his hysterical references to her Mormonism Monday night (“My grandpa always told me, ‘Son, if you want to learn an Argentinian dance about prostitutes, speak to a Mormon.'”), also criticized her outfit Monday, blaming it on gay men. “I don’t know who dressed this little gal, but the Sandy Duncan wig and the friar’s frock is not helping our cause. I’m not saying there’s a couple of gay guys up stairs in wardrobe, but possibly, maybe one. Maybe one. He’s gotta go.” In his rush to be cute and amusing, he apparently forgot that the stereotype is that gay men have good taste in fashion.

Perhaps to make up for his insensitivity, on Tuesday, Guttenberg praised the wardrobe department, who he identified as a straight couple. And Len Goodman didn’t select one of the dances performed Monday for the encore dance. Instead, he asked Steve Guttenberg and Jonathan Roberts to reprise the tango they practiced together when Guttenberg’s partner Anna was absent. It was christened the “mango.”