Derek Hough hospitalized for neck injury

Derek Hough will appear on the live Dancing with the Stars 6 results show even though he was hospitalized today due to a neck injury.

He “was rehearsing a routine with his sister Julianne and fellow Dancing pro Mark Ballas when he suffered the injury,” E! Online reports. E! said he “will not dance as part of the professionals’ showcase on Tuesday night’s elimination show” but “is expected back for next Monday’s dance-off round,” and fellow dancer Mark Ballas said he’d be on the show tonight, explaining what happened to L.A.’s KABC:

“We’ve got a more contemporary number this week for Kylie Minogue. And we have a move where our arms kind of come down and we throw the head back. As he threw his head back he cracked his neck. It bothered him immediately, so we stopped. He walked off the floor. They immediately put him in a neck brace to hold it stable. They took him to the hospital and he had it checked. Luckily, there was no disk damage, no spine damage and no bone damage.

We think he strained a muscle in the back of his neck, which is preventing him from turning his neck to the right. He’s back and he is making jokes as usual. He’ll be out there tonight standing with Shannon. He won’t be dancing with Julianne and I tonight, sadly. Somehow we are going to make this work with the two of us. He will be good for next week.”

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