Cristian de la Fuente hospitalized due to a “severe muscle cramp” in his arm

During his second dance on last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars 7, Cristián de la Fuente stopped dancing momentarily and then stumbled through the end of his Samba routine because of an injury to his arm that later sent him to the hospital.

After the dance, immediately after the music ended, host Tom Bergeon said, “Let’s find out what’s going on. What happened buddy?” Cristián said, “I pulled a muscle.” Tom asked him if he wanted to get the judges’ scores, and although Cristián said “I’m fine, I’m fine,” he was clutching his arm, so our host made the executive decision. “You know what, let’s go to a break just so we can check this out,” he said.

After the break, Tom explained that “the EMT I think diagnosed a severe muscle cramp in the arm, said hopefully it’ll loosen up. You’ve got it on ice now.” Later in the show, Tom Bergeron said Cristián had been taken to the hospital to be checked out.

The judges gave him three 7s, although Carrie Ann explained, “you judge up until the point that the injury occurred.” They seemed a bit shaken, and when judging Kristi and Mark, got particularly hostile, perhaps out of their concern. “I’ll tell you what it is, sunshine,” Len said to Bruno. Ooh, British anger.

Even Samantha was concerned enough not to babble before their scores came in, but she couldn’t help herself and had to ask Cristián the stupidest question ever. As Cristián stood their, grimacing, holding his arm, she said, “How’re you feeling right now?” I kind of hoped his pain would lead him to say something like, “Much worse now that I have to stand here and listen to your nonsense.” But he just said, “It hurts. It hurts, the arm, and it hurts that I couldn’t do it.”