CW putting Beauty and the Geek on hiatus, may cancel it

The current season of Beauty and the Geek will probably be the show’s last season for a while, and could be the last season ever.

The fifth season–which concludes May 13 and I completely forgot was even on, perhaps because they decided to dump their usual format after their old format got tired–has had low ratings. A clip show last Tuesday was watched by 1.6 million, while 1.5 million watched the regular episode the week before. It debuted with 1.9 million viewers, a loss of about 50 percent of its viewers from last fall and spring.

That “serious ratings slippage” means “CW execs have decided to put ‘Geek’ on ice after the current season wraps,” Variety reports, noting that the show “may one day be revived, but only given the passage of enough time so that the format could once again seem fresh.” One other possibility is another format change, and “[o]ne possible idea that’s been discussed is changing the format to focus on age differences.”

Executive producer J.D. Roth told the paper, “You can never be sad about a run like this.”

‘Geek’ not very popular with CW [Variety]