Fox considers starting American Idol in Hollywood with auditions as flashbacks only

An online survey about American Idol asks viewers whether or not they’d like the show to start with the Hollywood round, showing the auditions only via flashbacks. “Suppose the first few weeks of AMERICAN IDOL started in Hollywood with flashbacks of the auditions, would that increase or decrease your enjoyment of AMERICAN IDOL?” it asks.

The survey was obtained by Broadcasting & Cable, which attributes its existence to the show’s sliding ratings and says the results may affect American Idol 8. “We’re not in denial. It’s still the biggest show on TV, but that doesn’t mean there are things we can’t do. The feedback from this year you’ll probably see on the show next year,” Fox’s Preston Beckman told B&C.

The survey [.doc] asks other questions such as, “How important is the Top 12 to your overall enjoyment of AMERICAN IDOL?” and “How important is the Top 12 to your overall enjoyment of AMERICAN IDOL?,” and also asks respondents to rank the judges, Ryan Seacrest, and the contestants as a group.

Respondents also get to rank how much they agree with statements such as “Simon’s comments turn me off from the show,” “I like the interaction between the judges and Ryan,” “These are the best final 5 contestants I’ve seen on AMERICAN IDOL,” and “I watch American Idol mostly to hear what Paula has to say.”

I was going to mock anyone who would agree with that last statement, but although Paula has only rarely delivered the crazy this year, that is one of the primary reasons why I watch. If I get to take the survey, I will use one of the open-ended questions to suggest Fox reps fill her Coca-Cola cup with something that will increase my enjoyment of the show even more.

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