Naomi Judd to David Archuleta’s dad: “leave him alone”

Naomi Judd appeared on The Today Show–now with Kathie Lee Gifford!–late last week, and confirmed that David Arculeta’s dad was a terror.

She was on the show to promote Can You Duet, the CMT reality competition that debuted Friday. Asked about American Idol, she said, “I have never watched that show,” but when asked if she was a fan of David Archuleta, she said that he was on Star Search when she judged the show, and called him a “cutie-pootie.”

But it was David’s dad, Jeff Archuleta, that she really had feelings about. “I want to give a shout out to his dad. Leave him alone. His dad was — you know that — his dad is like the worst stage dad,” she said. “They had to put him in the security guard’s little box.”

There haven’t been reports that Jeff has done much more than sit in the audience and clap, wearing his creepy hat and creepy facial hair, and Today co-host Hota Kotb even said that Chikezie appeared on Today and said that, as David’s roommate, he never saw any sign of his dad’s bad behavior. Here’s the full segment with Naomi Judd:

Naomi Judd searches for a star [Today Show]