Simon Cowell says finalists lack personality as American Idol has its lowest Tuesday ratings yet

The finalists on American Idol 7 are all lacking personality, according to Simon Cowell, who has apparently reached the conclusion that the rest of America has, considering how much ratings are sliding.

Variety asked him “to pinpoint a collective flaw in the season 7 cast,” and Simon Cowell said, “Personality. They are giving very safe answers to questions, making safe song selections. We are not getting a sense of who they are. We have to try to pull it out of them more.” As to Michael Johns’ elimination, Cowell said that he failed to stand out as an individual and show his personality. “You cannot deliver an uninspired performance at the top of the show. And you can’t be up there imitating another singer,” he said.

As to the effect of the lack of personality and excitement on the ratings, that seems clear. Last night’s episode was the show’s “lowest Tuesday score of the season,” and “could still come in as the show’s lowest-rated Tuesday edition since its second season in 2003,” Variety reports. Overall, 23 million viewers watched, or about seven million fewer than Ryan Seacrest keeps insisting are watching.

During Idol Gives Back, Seacrest repeated that 30 million number while just over half that many actually watched. Someone needs to hand him a copy of Variety or The Hollywood Reporter so he stops looking like even more of an ass than he already is.

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