Chris Cornell thought David Cook’s cover was “great”; David Hernandez considered for Rent

Chris Cornell, whose arrangement of “Billie Jean” David Cook used on American Idol 7 last week, was flattered and impressed by Cook’s performance. While Ryan Seacrest acknowledge the arrangement in his introduction, the judges did not, and praised Cook’s originality, prompting Cornell fans and others to protest.

“It appears the judges had no idea that it was my arrangement and were giving David Cook praise about how brilliant he was in performing the song that way. My fans are very protective and felt David should have volunteered the info [at that point]. Even though he did cover it well, and it was brave of him to try and pull it off,” Chris Cornell told Entertainment Weekly. “It was clear to me [that] he was a big fan as he followed my arrangement down to the T, including the most subtle vocal nuances. I think he did a great job at pulling it off.”

Cornell also said, “I don’t think it should be an issue to cover a cover, as long as it’s clear who the creator and/or interpretor of that piece is. I think David’s performance was great and I want to thank all my fans for their dedication!”

Meanwhile, former American Idol 7 contestant and former stripper David Hernandez may soon land a role on Broadway. He’s being considered for a role in Rent, although not the lead role he auditioned for.

The musical’s representative “confirmed that the Arizona native did audition for the one role that was available: Roger, an HIV-positive musician and former heroin addict. But while producers were impressed with Hernandez’s vocal ability, they did not think he was right for a lead role, given his lack of theater experience. They’re now considering him for a smaller part and will make a decision within a few weeks,” MTV News reports.

While the musical was supposed to end June 1, it has now been extended until September 7, as “ticket demand for the long-running musical has risen significantly since the announcement of its imminent closing, and producers wanted to take advantage of the potentially lucrative summer season before lowering the curtain for good,” MTV says.

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