Jordin Sparks recovering, “laughed at” reports that she’d never sing again

Jordin Sparks’ confirmed that her throat injury, which led her to stop touring, was an “accute vocal hemorrage,” but says she’s recovering and will start touring again soon, and insists her career was never in jeopardy.

“My left vocal cord was bleeding, and I knew I had to get it checked and take care of it. I got back from the doctor yesterday and it’s almost all the way healed. I’m gonna take a couple more days just to be safe. I should be back on tour in a few more days!! I’ll be alive and kicking … and who knows, maybe my voice will be better than it was before!” Jordin told MTV News.

Media reports said the injury could have ended her career; in its typical hyperbolic way, The New York Post proclaimed that she had “a career-threatening throat injury” and asked in its headline, “Will ‘Idol’ Jordin Sparks Ever Sing Again?”

But Jordin said, “I laughed when I saw [those reports]. They were saying I would never sing again, and I knew I could because, well, it’s my throat. My career COULD HAVE BEEN in jeopardy if I hadn’t done anything about it. But I knew something was wrong and that I needed to get it checked out.”

Jordin Sparks Exclusive: Singer Tells MTV News Her Voice Is ‘Almost All The Way Healed'; She’ll Be Back On Tour Soon [MTV News]