Clay Aiken fan thinks he’s Jesus; he says “people don’t care” if he’s gay

A particularly obsessive Clay Aiken fan has watched him perform on Broadway in Spamalot “more than 40 times” and told another actor in the musical that she thinks Clay is Jesus.

“She said, ‘He is the Savior.’ She is at the stage door from 9:30 in the morning, waiting all day to talk to people as they come in. She says talking to the other actors, she feels a step closer to Clay,” the unnamed actor told the New York Daily News’ Ben Widdicombe in his final gossip column for the paper.

A representative for the musical told him, “I am not familiar with this devoted fan, but I know there are many of them.” Many people who think Clay’s Jesus, or just many devoted fans? Pray it’s the latter.

Meanwhile, Clay’s new album comes out next week, but he is still not coming out any time soon. Promoting the album, he told Access Hollywood that “Some of the songs on the album are personal, some of them are not personal, some of them are very universal and I like to keep that — allow people to interpret it that way.”

Yet despite including his personal life in his music, he’s convinced people don’t care about his personal life, specifically whether he’s gay or not. “I think for the most part, I really think that people don’t care, honestly. I think that the press … people like that care more than anybody else does,” he said. “It can be difficult initially. I think when you get into anything and you’re not used to people scrutinizing this, that or the other … it bothers you. After awhile you kind of just say, ‘Forget this … This is not who I am, this is not about me, what I want to do is be a singer, want to be an entertainer, and forget all that stuff.'” How about this: We’ll forget it if you will.

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