Real World cast members preview their awards show self-promotion and delusion

On April 2, MTV will air an awards show and roast The Real World‘s 20th anniversary. The show has already taped, and Access Hollywood talked to some of the former cast members who attended. If the handful of interviews are any indication, we’re in for some laughs at the cast’s expense.

Undoubtedly, most of those who show up will be the same, tired, decaying group of quasi-celebrities who’ve been parading themselves on the Challenges for years, so the real fun is seeing those who haven’t appeared on TV recently.

Eric Nies is the first personal Access Hollywood talks to, and when Laura Saltman asked him what he’s up to and he said, “What am I doing now?”, I swore he was going to say, “I’m homeless. Can’t you tell?” But he’s not; instead, he said, “Right now I do life coaching. I help to rehab and detox people who have drug addiction and alcohol” problems. He added, “I’ve had to some work myself over the years,” and said that he’s “done a lot of fasting and meditating” recently, in addition to “producing movies and developing TV shows.”

Melissa from Miami is an actress on soaps, and Stephen from Seattle, who famously threw Irene’s teddy bear in the water and then slapped in the face after she confronted him about being gay, is now–drum roll–a minister! Speaking of self-delusion, Ruthie from Hawaii still doesn’t think she has a problem; asked “are you still sober?” she babbled and said that her going to rehab on the show was “very technically not the way that it happened,” and said “I think a lot of 21-year-olds go crazy, but I got in a lot of trouble for it.” Maybe in another nine years she’ll have that figured out.

Hawaii’s Teck is still insisting people call him “Teck Money,” refused to say what he was doing because he’s too modest, and instead said, “I’m official, check my IMDB: I’m not even going to drop my credits like that, you know what I’m saying, you can look me up, you know what I’m saying.” He’s so not into self-promotion that he proceeded to drop his MySpace URL and show off the underwear he’s now selling, which he had with him, one pair of which had a cell phone pocket that he said was good because “crazy Jamaicans might take your stuff.”

Los Angeles’ Beth, never one to disappoint with her commentary, said what we’re all thinking about the show’s progression. “I personally feel that it’s kind of gone downhill, because before you kind of like dealt with like social issues, where people could identify with people, and that’s why people enjoyed watching it, and now I feel like it’s all about getting drunk and sex. What are they going to do next season Are they going to have, you know, eight people having sex at one time? I think it’s pretty trashy now,” she said.

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