Omarosa fired from The Celebrity Apprentice after losing big, trying to out Piers Morgan

After “the biggest slaughter in the history of The Apprentice,” as Donald Trump said, Omarosa was fired. Piers Morgan’s team raised $164,000, while Omarosa’s raised just $7,000 selling paintings in an art gallery. Ironically, she lost on the exact same type of task that she lost her first time on the show.

The Piers/Omarosa conflict wasn’t as intense as before, although Piers was not above rubbing in his victory. “I have to object to continuing to use the word ‘loss’ here. This is not a loss, this is a catastrophe of Biblical proportions,” he told Trump. And as he left the boardroom, he said, “I’m going to enjoy it. Make it nasty, could you?”

Omarosa, having somewhat improved her reputation throughout the season as the other celebrities vouched for her work and value, decided to resort to sixth-grade tactics. “I think he’s in the closet,” Omarosa said of Piers. Later, she said her evidence that he was gay was that “he’s asked for [his male teammates] to take their shirts off in every single” task.

Trump leapt to Piers’ defense, which meant he had to awkwardly defend Piers while not being implying that there’s something wrong with being gay. “I don’t think you know him very well, and you called him a homosexual,” Trump said. “You know what, there are gay people around, and that’s great, and there are non-gays, but you called him a homosexual, but he says he’s not a homosexual.”

Trump said Piers could return to defend himself, and Piers came back to the boardroom, walked over toward Omarosa, but then stopped at Trace Adkins and said, “I just want to say, Trace, you’re a beautiful cowboy,” and kissed him on the cheek. “Everyone knows he was kidding,” Trump said later, but Trace was bothered. “I don’t understand that at all,” he said.

Ultimately, Trump fired Omarosa, who he said looked defeated. She left without incident, and now the show is left with just one of its reality stars. After promoting this week’s show as a showdown between Piers and Omarosa, NBC is now already advertising an “Omarosa Free” episode next week, using a little logo over the show’s logo to identify her absence. But realizing that presents a problem, NBC reminded us that Steven Baldwin and Piers Morgan still hate each other, and that its other reality star ringer will continue to deliver the drama.