Stacey gave new, not used, panties to Bachelor Matt

Although it’s virtually incomprehensible that The Bachelor has lasted for 12 seasons despite being a complete and total disaster when it comes to forming actual relationships (its alleged purpose), the show’s survival (and its failure to produce successful relationships) is less surprising when you watch segments like this one featuring the show’s cast of crazy-ass women.

On last week’s season premiere, contestant Stacey Elza, a 26-year-old graduate student, tried to slip a pair of her panties into Matt Grant’s pocket, interruping his conversation with another woman. This came sometime after she tried rubbing the inside of his thigh and interrupting another conversation.”I’m putting something in your pocket,” she said. “I haven’t actually got any pockets,” he said.

“Stacey kind of freaked me out,” Matt said later. “I’m so sorry, but that is not cool, all right, in any kind of way. I don’t give a shit what country you’re from, but that is not cool.”

Why did she think that’d be a good idea? She now says it was because she was drunk. “It was a combo of nerves and not eating much that day. I started to drink a little champagne earlier in the day… I don’t remember much,” Stacey told reporters, according to Reality TV World. She also insists that they were clean. “For the record — I know everyone wants to know this — they were an extra pair. They did not literally come off my body,” she said. And that makes everything so much better.

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