Jonathan Penner was in the hospital for three weeks

On last Thursday’s Survivor Micronesia, Jonathan Penner was forced to leave the game as a result of an injury. At the immunity challenge, Jeff Probst said Jonathan had surgery and was “doing fine,” but ultimately, Jonathan spent three weeks in the hospital because of the injury.

“I was immediately taken to the hospital, operated on the next day. I was put on IV antibiotics for a week. Then I was operated on again later. The whole thing took about… Oh gosh I don’t know. Probably 20, 21 days. Then I came home and I’ve been under a doctor’s care since then. My leg is feeling better,” told Reality TV World.

He said the fact that the medical team stitched the wound was the problem. “The injury was really exacerbated I think by the stitching. It was a puncture wound that probably — in hindsight I learned — should have been left open. I don’t know what would have happened had they left it open, but from what I’ve heard the stitching of it almost guaranteed that I was going to get an infection in there,” he said.

Jonathan participated in the reward challenge despite being in pain. “It was rather excruciating, actually. They had wanted to take a look at me before the challenge and I asked them if I could get through the challenge because I believed that I could contribute to the challenge,” he said. After the reward challenge, the doctor “unwrapped my leg — which she had wrapped two days before — and puss just poured out of my leg.”

Jonathan also said that was previously injured and “already had some stitches. I had a gash on my leg that they stitched up and it was fine. The problem was — as I said — that this was a puncture. That’s why it got infected once they stitched it.”

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