Heidi Klum tickles Tim Gunn and other great Project Runway footage

Usually appeals to visit BravoTV.com are just pageview generating click bait, but the network has found one useful function for its web site: showing us what we didn’t see on TV via outtakes and other clips, footage that’s sometimes even better than what makes it on TV. For an example, watch this:

Yes, that was Project Runway host Heidi Klum tickling mentor Tim Gunn after he had a walk-off with designer Christian. As the blog Project Rungay says about that particular video, “Dear Project Runway editors, This shit is GOLD. Please stop designating stuff like this as ‘Bonus Footage’ and start making it your PRIMARY footage.”

Of course, there’s only so much time each episode, but it is sad that moments like that–and Vincent’s laundry fit–get left out of the actual episodes. Thus, it’s great that Bravo offers these videos on its site, although a lot of the videos it offers are too boring to even watch online (for instance, see every video starring VP of Insufferability Andy Cohen). But there are some interesting clips, like a behind-the-scenes look during elimination discussions, which finds all the contestants asleep and being guarded by a crew member, or
producers doing push-ups while Tim Gunn watches and offers self-deprecating commentary.

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