Christian’s “tranny mess” gets parodied on SNL, criticized for using “tranny as an insult”

A sketch on Saturday Night Live last weekend focused on Project Runway 4 winner Christian Siriano’s repeated use of the same phrases, specifically “fierce” and “hot tranny mess,” but his use of the latter term has also been criticized.

While the SNL sketch makes a larger point that Bravo’s shows have started to become parodies of themselves, it’s primarily worth watching for Amy Poehler’s impersonation of Christian. Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum also show up, but Santino’s impersonation of Tim Gunn is about six million time better than Bill Hader’s terrible version. His wig doesn’t even match Tim’s hair, for shame. Here’s the sketch:

In a Washington Post chat yesterday, Christian approved. “I did see SNL, and had the pleasure of meeting Amy and being in the SNL studio which is in the same building as Bravo. It was so funny and it was kind of scary that she looked so much like me. It was definitely a fierce show,” he said.

But MeeVee’s Aaron Weber says that Christian “was pretty hypocritical to use ‘tranny’ as an insult. And while it’s his choice if he wants to try and be clever and outrageous, it’s still really annoying to me.” He argues that “when someone like Christian starts saying that, it makes it OK for, say, Amy Poehler to do it. … The next step will be frat boys imitating the sketch, followed by frat boys imitating the sketch while beating the living daylights out of the next transsexual they meet.”

On another note, when asked about his boyfriend by a Washington Post reader, Christian said, “He did make the music which was so amazing which did contribute to a fantastic show. Hair, models, everything was so important to me. I don’t like talking about my relationship though.” He may not like it, but his boyfriend, Junk Magazine founder Brad Walsh, posted both the guest list for a party he hosted for Christian and photos on his blog, and wrote, “Cannot believe somebody’s job for a day was to make a wig for Amy Poehler to imitate my boyfriend on national television.”

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