Bravo pre-planned the showdown between Rami and Chris, Tim is “in flux” past season 5

The pre-Fashion Week showdown between Chris and Rami during Project Runway 4‘s penultimate episode wasn’t a spontaneous decision by the judges, but instead a pre-planned part of the competition that was supposed to be introduced during season three.

“I know Bravo wanted there to be an elimination in every episode,” mentor Tim Gunn told The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan. “It’s actually a holdover from Season 3. But there was so much drama, with Laura accusing Jeffrey [of having help with his work] that we didn’t do it. … Part of it was a concern — I never have it, but I absolutely understand the producers’ concern about it — it’s the thought, ‘What’s going happen? They’re just going to sit around, do their work, have their model fittings?’ And my thought is, ‘And your problem with that is what?'”

Meanwhile, Tim says he’s only signed “through season 5 at this point. Then we’ll take it from there. I’ll tell you that things are in flux and I don’t know beyond Season 5. I’m just thrilled to have a Season 5. People ask me, ‘Aren’t you tired of this?’ How could I possibly be tired of this? It’s invigorating and inspiring. I am the luckiest guy in the world.”

Regarding this past season, says that season designer Victorya Hong “was sourpuss, a crabby apple as I keep saying, throughout almost all the show, other than Days 1, 2 and 3. She became this sour pill. Rich Bye, one of the executive producers, and I had two off camera interventions with her. I said to her, ‘You know what makes me beside myself is the fact that there are thousands of designers who would love to be in your place. What’ s the matter with you?'”

He says that Victorya was unprepared, and “said, ‘I never dreamed the experience of being on the show would be like this. … I never dreamed we’d only have a day for challenges, that we wouldn’t have any breaks.’ ‘But you said you saw the show.’ She said, ‘I assumed it was cheated.’ I said, ‘Then you only have your own delusions to blame.’ She was really angry and bitter.” Tim also reveals that Victorya demanded Tim count the designers’ cash at Mood because she thought some people were getting more than others, and got angry at other things. “She actually said about Jack’s departure that we had engineered him leaving because he wasn’t a pretty face anymore,” Tim says.

In other Project Runway 4 news, Christian told People that he will “be seeing [Victoria Beckham] next week, so I made her a few dresses. Hopefully she likes them, so we’ll see how it goes.” His plans for the $100,000 include “buying a bed” and “working very hard. I’m going to show next season at [Fashion Week] in the tents again. I have some sponsors … I really want to go more of a high fashion route. I want to be in high-end stores,” he said. “Who knows? Maybe Victoria Beckham will ask me to work for her new label. You never know.”

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