Andy Cohen suggests Bravo’s viewers are idiots

Once again, Bravo VP Andy Cohen insisted upon hosting a Bravo reunion special, even though he’s a terrible host, and he started the Make Me a Supermodel reunion Thursday night by suggesting that the show’s viewers are morons. “People may not realize it, but the show was shot in real time,” he said.

The whole point of the series was that, unlike every other Bravo show, eliminations were the result of viewer votes. That would literally be impossible if the show wasn’t live, something that’s basically just understood now with the prevalence of live, vote-driven shows such as American Idol. Never mind that repeatedly during each episode, the editors included the actual date on the screen. What kind of absolute nitwit do you have to be to not realize that?

His sentence continued with “and while you were shooting the show, you were essentially under lockdown,” so I suppose there’s a chance he was referring to the cast being locked down as the thing viewers didn’t realize, but a) the show addressed that more than once, so again, he’d be suggesting viewers who didn’t notice are, at the very least, not paying attention, and b) his sentence is constructed so that introductory clause modifies “the show was shot in real time,” and thus what he actually said was that some viewers may not understand that it was live. Anyway.

While I was watching and waiting for Cohen to ask a follow up question instead of focusing on the trivial stuff he finds amusing, I was thinking that a fun drinking game for Cohen-hosted reunion specials would be to drink once every time he says “” But I quickly realized that’s a terrible idea, as I don’t want to die from alcohol poisoning after 10 minutes.