truTV, TV Land announce upcoming reality series

Two cable networks, truTV and TV Land, have recently announced slates of new and proposed reality series.

This summer, TV Land will air She’s Got The Look, which the network says will “search the country to find the greatest undiscovered models age 35 and older” and Family Foreman, a docudrama about George Foreman’s life.

TV Land has also ordered pilots for more series that target its primary audience, “viewers in their 40s”: First Love, Second Chance which “gives long-lost sweethearts an opportunity to rekindle their romance — years later,” and Now or Never, on which “[e]mpty nesters are given the chance of a lifetime to open a new chapter in their lives by pursuing careers that they always dreamed of but never dared to pursue.”

truTV, the network formerly known as Court TV, has unveiled its plans for programs it describes in its tagline: “Not Reality. Actuality.” The network says that shows include Black Gold, “which delves into the dangerous world of oil drilling”; Ski Patrol, “a series about the excitement of working on the slopes” that’s produced in part by Bunim-Murray; Principal’s Office, which “follows school administrators as they deal with students who violate school rules, with conflicts between students, and with disputes between students and teachers.”

In development are Maui Chopper, a series “about rescue helicopter pilots working over the wind-swept islands of Hawaii”; Sky Racers, which follows “Desiree Horton, a unique female news pilot who is one of the best in the business”; and One False Move, which “will follow people whose jobs and adventures take them to the brink of disaster.”

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