History repeats itself on Big Brother

The longer Big Brother 9 continues, the more things look the same. Outside of the actual episode, James is appearing in even more gay porn, Matt became the latest person to use the n-word (more than once), and there are more pictures of Joshuah doing drugs. And one of the evicted houseguests will return tomorrow night.

On last night’s show, there was more repetition as the old became new again. Jen’s red unitard reappeared as a “prize” during the POV competition (Sheila is now wearing it for a week, as the producers are still convinced that this makes good television), someone betrayed her allies (Natalie told Matt that the house was planning to backdoor him, and a woman was delusional about a houseguest’s affection for her (Natalie again, who is unbelievably enchanted by obnoxious ass Matty).

We also watched as a houseguest get so cocky and self-assured he had no idea he could be blindsided. Surprise, surprise. “I pulled off the biggest strategic move in Big Brother history,” Joshuah proclaimed, and while he was completely full of shit (there have been many bigger moves than backdooring someone, you flipping twitface moron), things also didn’t go his way, as usual. Since when has a plan really played out as planned? After Chelsia took herself off the block, Ryan ended up nominating James, pissing off half the house and keeping Matt, who has already voted for him twice. “I’m nobody’s bitch in this game,” Ryan explained.

There was one small difference last night: The POV ceremony was deemed so dramatic that the episode didn’t end after the POV box closed, and Matt unnecessarily flipped out, even though he was safe: “It’s on, now. It’s fucking on. Try to fuck with me? What’s up?” At least with him around for an extra week, we can be assured that the house will still be full of drama and stupidity, with emphasis on the stupidity.