Part of Idol’s live results show was taped

A segment during Wednesday’s American Idol 7 live results show was actually not live. Specifically, Katharine McPhee’s performance and the phone calls from viewers were both pre-taped.

That segment “was taped before the show started, requiring audience members to be there at 4:15 p.m. before the live part of the show started at 6 p.m.,” Billboard reports. In other words, it’d have been impossible for someone to call in and ask an embarrassing or offensive question, since that segment was not live.

The magazine looks at nine other “secrets” of an American Idol taping, including that the musicians don’t need to wear pants. “The orchestra wears sparkly blouses and proper dress shirts; their upper bodies are all that can be seen on camera. Below the line of sight they’re wearing jeans and Uggs,” Billboard says.

In addition, the judges leave their table during breaks, and “each have their own bodyguards who escort them in and out of the stage area.” They stand by the judges’ table during the show to “[make] sure no one takes a dive towards the judges.”

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