Chikezie goes home; Syesha and Jason Castro were also at risk

As a result of his poor performance during the American Idol 7‘s lowest-rated show of the season, Chikezie Eze was eliminated from the competition.

More surprising than Chikezie’s elimination–even he knew he was in trouble, pointing to the bottom three stools before Ryan Seacrest told him if he was safe or at risk–was his company in the bottom two. Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro both joined him there, although Jason Castro was quickly sent back to safety.

Meanwhile, Ryan Seacrest let the finalists address rumors. Carly Smithson said, “apparently, I’m pregnant, but I’m not.” Both references this rumor as if it was making headline news, but I couldn’t find anything about it online during the show.

There was, however, conversation online about what Ryan allowed David Archuleta to address, saying, “Simon questioned your choice, wondering if you made the choice last night.” He was referring to David’s performance of “You’re the Voice,” which David said is “one of my all-time favorite songs” and said “I love it so much … I did actually pick it.” Then he did that increasingly uncomfortable awkward laugh. The director did not cut away to show David’s stage dad in the audience, who was reportedly the target of Simon’s rant Tuesday.