Biggest Loser sticks with couples for season six, which is now casting

NBC has renewed The Biggest Loser for a sixth season, and the show will once again feature people competing in pairs.

The current season “has posted the franchise’s strongest numbers since the initial cycle in the fall of 2004,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, as each episode is averaging 9.3 million viewers.

While the announcement doesn’t specify when The Biggest Loser 6 will debut, the application says contestants “will need to be available to the production in October 2007-December 2008,” so it could tape any time this year. Production typically lasts about four months.

Producers are now casting for couples in “America’s fattest cities,” according to a press release. “‘Couples’ can include family members (parent with adult child, siblings, cousins, etc.), best friends and co-workers, people who already have a special bond so they’re playing not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones.” The only restriction is that applicants must be 18.

The show will have open casting calls Saturday in Boston, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta; on Feb. 23 in New York, Nashville, Oklahoma City, and Miami; on March 1 in Columbus, Ohio and Suffolk, Virg.; and March 8 in Las Vegas, Mesa, Ariz., and Los Angeles.

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