British financier Matt Grant is The Bachelor 12

Last night during Dance War (a terrible, awful mess of a spin-off) ABC revealed the identity of the 12th Bachelor star, and for the first time, the series has a non-American star. Matt Grant is 27 and “a global financier from London,” ABC said in a press release.

The network calls him a “blue-eyed business development manager” who “works with millionaire businessmen.” He’s “[t]he youngest of five brothers, the rest of whom are married, [and] he is very close to his parents and siblings.”

Matt tells OK! Magazine that although he’s never watched the US series (“I was coming into this a little bit fresh and free from any constraints that might hit me from watching it”), he agreed to participate because “I’m a single guy, I’m a red-blooded male. I have the opportunity to date hot American women. Enough said.”

As to the difference between British and American men, he says there isn’t one. “I don’t think there’s a massive chasm between British guys and American guys. We drink more tea and have some crazy sports like cricket. I like to consider myself a British gentleman.”

The show debuts March 17, and naturally, ABC has yet to update the series’ web site with the anything about the new season, because that would require some level of competence.

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