Survivor Micronesia debuts tonight, Survivor Supercharged Sunflower Seeds debut in March

Survivor Micronesia, the 16th season of the series, debuts tonight at 8 p.m. ET. It’s the show’s third season with returning contestants, counting Guatemala, and will feature 10 fans competing against 10 favorites.

With two romances and many blindsides, Jeff Probst promises plenty of drama from both groups, who apparently become enemies immediately. Making fans face off against people they watch on TV creates an interesting dynamic, although I’m skeptical about the fans, who came off as way too overeager in the first preview. Hopefully, that was just bad editing.

Starting in March, you’ll be able to watch the show while eating the show in the form of Survivor Supercharged Sunflower Seeds, which are fortified with vitamins. While that corny alliteration and odd choice of product makes this seem like a joke, it’s just part of an increased effort to pimp out the brand. “CBS Consumer Products is moving its ‘Survivor’ brand into the world of health and fitness, signing up two new licensees — with many more on the horizon,” Variety reports.

CBS Consumer Products general manager Liz Kalodner said, “‘Survivor’ is part of the lexicon now here in the United States. We can translate it into any product or experience that is about challenging one’s self, or the ultimate outdoor experience. Both of these new launches play into that.” The other product is the Survivor Fitness Program, and Variety says Kalodner is “in the process of securing deals that will create ‘Survivor’-branded outdoor adventure programs and corporate team-building/leadership development plans.”

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