Big Brother loses 1.5 million viewers

In its second face-off against American Idol, Big Brother 9 lost again–and it also lost 1.5 million viewers that tuned in on Tuesday night.

While the show’s first eviction episode managed to do better than ABC’s Wife Swap on Wednesday night, and therefore came in third and not fourth, only 5.8 million viewers tuned in, according to Variety. That’s down from the 7.3 million who watched Tuesday, and about half of the number of people who watched Deal or No Deal at the same time on Wednesday.

For three weeks starting next week, Julie Chen and the houseguests will face off against Idol on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays. TV by the Numbers speculates that because “it cannot possibly compete in any meaningful way against American Idol,” CBS will “pull Big Brother off the Tuesday and Wednesday night lineup immediately and stick it somewhere else where it has a chance. Or pull it off the air immediately and taking a week to figure it out.”

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