Julie Chen promises “a surprise … and a new chapter” for Big Brother 9

At the end of Big Brother 9‘s third elimination, Julie Chen revealed that “the evicted couple will get a surprise that no one will see coming, and a new chapter will begin for this season of Big Brother.”

That evicted couple is Amanda and Alex, and considering that the first evicted couple, Sharon and her ex, were sequestered (which is abnormal for the show), it’s likely they will be, too. That means it’s possible for producers to reintroduce some or all of the houseguests into the house next week, perhaps by a vote of the existing houseguests, and they could simultaneously split up existing couples.

All of that would be surprising considering the show’s rather craptastic ratings; one would imagine CBS is looking for a way to put it out of its misery (although it did do a better than usual on Tuesday).

Without a twist, five couples remain, which means that just four weeks remain at best unless the show splits up the couples. Some have noticed that TV Guide’s schedule shows that couples will be eliminated until at least March 19, although episode descriptions are changed regularly by networks.

Also last night, Joshuah and Sharon won HOH in a competition that tested them on the quotations that decorate the house. Sharon actually pronounced Goethe correctly (“gerta,” which I only knew because I used to live on a street named after him in Chicago), but then mispronounced Dostoevsky as “Dos-tof-sky,” which Julie Chen corrected as if she’d practiced the pronunciations all day.

Meanwhile, the producers and editors worked to prop up James, showing a segment featuring his friends praising him and his biking quest. The man who says he’s straight but had sex with other men for money also told Julie Chen that he thinks he’s better than others in the house. “I really hate a lot of these people. These are the type of people that I’m against, they’re very materialistic. They’re here for prize money, but the way they’re going to use it is like, or they want a nice car, or they want houses, and stuff like that, but really, I think they forgot about finding themselves, and I’m trying to break through these people and they just seem like they’re very materialistic, a lot of these people,” he said.

Julie Chen actually asked a follow-up question (she’s growing as a journalist before our very eyes), wondering why James was on the show if not for the money. “To inspire people to bicycle around the world and I want to go back to L.A. and have fun with some friends and then take off on the road,” he said, apparently not equating “fun with some friends” with materialism. “I want to just keep moving,” he said.

Producers are still blurring James’ tattoos, which, for the record, are the Brawny paper towel logo with the words “prestigious cunt” underneath it, and on his arm, a priest about to shoot himself while imagining two men having sex (BuzzKilled has up-close photos). That one is ironic–or just sad–considering James’ man-on-man experiences.

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