Adam fired for “[causing] tremendous damage to” the United Autism Foundation

Big Brother 9 houseguest Adam Jasinski has apparently been fired from his job for comments he made in the house about autistic children. One advertiser has pulled its ads and another group asked for Adam’s termination and the cancellation of the show following his casual use of the term “retards” to refer to the kids he works with.

The United Autism Foundation explains his firing in a statement on its web site, which also offers an apology “for any and all inappropiate [sic], unprofessional and unacceptable comments made by Adam Jasinski”–and also addresses the strangely unprofessional appearance of its site, saying, “We also apologize for this weak internet presence presence, but we dont have the money to build a better website at this point.” The group’s statement says:

The UNITED AUTISM FOUNDATION does not agree with any and all irresponsible comments made by Adam Jasinski about children and adults who have been diagnosed with autism.

AUTISM is one of the fastest growing disorders in the country. Unfortunately, Adam Jasinski made some comments, which are not acceptable and we deeply apologize to all those who are affected by this overseen disorder.

UNIAF is trying to create awareness and help all those who have been diagnosed with autism. UNIAF does not agree with any personal comments made by Adam Jasinski. Mr. Jasinski will no longer work for or represent the United Autism Foundation since he caused tremendous damage to UNIAF.

According to his official CBS bio, Adam “works as a PR manager where he arranges events, does publicity and is the Sponsorship and Creative Director for a foundation.”

United Autism Foundation