Beauties and geeks will compete against each other on Beauty and the Geek 5

For Beauty and the Geek‘s fifth season, the female beauties and male geeks will not compete in pairs, but instead will compete against each other.

While “the new contestants learn they will be competing not as beauty/geek pairs but beauties vs. geeks,” those teams will be formed from the same groups as before: “nine gorgeous but academically impaired women and nine brilliant but socially challenged men,” according to a CW press release. The winner receives $250,000, although the nature of the competition and eliminations is not yet known.

Also for the first time, the show features an openly gay geek, a 23-year-old clothing designer and pastry chef named Greg who is a “self proclaimed ‘gaysian,'” according to the network. Other contestants include 24-year-old Hooters hostess Tara, Playboy Bunny Jillian, “buff geek” Jason, and “Mama’s boy” Jonathan.

The new season debuts March 11.

It’s Beauties vs. Geeks When the New Season of “Beauty and the Geek” Returns to The CW on March 11 [CW]