Clay Aiken will release an album of “stuff that I’m good at” in May

American Idol 2 runner-up and current Broadway star Clay Aiken will likely release his fourth album in May.

“We’re hoping the next album will be out about May 6, Clay tells People. “We’ve picked most of the songs. Sonically, I don’t know that we’re going down any path that’s crazy. I’m not trying to be cool, I’m not trying to be hip. I’m not trying to do anything other than sing stuff that I’m good at.” In other words, it probably won’t be about sex, since he doesn’t have any practice at that.

His last record, A Thousand Different Ways, was released in Sept. 2006, and was generally disappointing to fans and others. Clay said, “In the past five years there’s a lot I’ve learned about life, and I think people learn a lot in the twenties. So we found a lot of songs that speak to that. I would like to wrap a lot of the music around that theme. It’s early to promise that, but it’s a goal.”

Clay Aiken Album to Be Released in May [People]