Amazing Race 12’s Jen and Nate are still together

This season’s bickering Amazing Race couple seemed to have destroyed their already-wrecked relationship during their time on the race, but Jennifer Parker and Nathan Hagstrom now say they’re still together–and only because of the race.

“We actually got back from the race and we took some time apart. But we actually are back together now and our relationship has never been better,” Nate told Reality TV World. Jen said that the race “is the only reason why we are still together. It helped us crank out all the nooks and crannies of our relationship — all the bad things that we couldn’t get through before. Now it’s so easy. We just find even compromises and our communication’s better. It’s awesome.”

While Nate says he’s “actually a sever [sic] at a restaurant and Jen’s still in school,” he says that they plan to use their experiences on the race for good in the future. “After going to places like Africa and India and seeing underprivileged people, we definitely can see ourselves helping people. Your know we have it good here, and we want to get out and…Make use of our time in a better way.”

In the interview, they also revealed that TK and Rachel were on the same flight as everyone else to Taipei. The editors never showed them boarding a flight; we only saw them as they arrived at immigration with everyone else, magically catching up. Nate said, “We were all on the same flight and I didn’t even see them.”

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