Survivor Micronesia Tribal Council, challenges photos revealed

Photographs and other details about the upcoming fans vs. favorites season of Survivor have been revealed online by a production company that worked on the show.

Paula’s Roll ’em Productions has photographs of the new Tribal Council set on its web site, in addition to challenge props and the rules for the hidden immunity idol (see all images here).

Among other Survivor Micronesia behind-the-scenes details, the company reveals that the non-jury members stayed at “private bungalows at North Beach” before leaving for their vacation, while jury members “[took] an hour van ride every third day to the base camp in Malakal and then on to a boat for the 10 minute ride to German Dock where Tribal Council has been constructed. While at North Beach the survivors are kept inside the resort, however life is good with a private beach and an army of production assistants to cater to their every need.”

The site also reveals that the show’s “locations are spread across many islands and include many beaches used by hundreds of tourists daily,” “an empty waterfront lot located next to a luxury hotel” was used for the production’s camp,” and two crew members “went home on a special plane ahead of the others when they were medically evacuated after an accident that occurred during their off-hours away from filming.”

Roll ’em Productions On Location Photo Gallery [Film Palau]