Paradise Hotel 2 evictees will leave letters for incoming contestants

Paradise Hotel 2 debuts Monday, and unlike the first season, which aired largely in real time, this season was produced over two months last summer. Unlike the last season, incoming contestants knew about the people they were watching on TV.

Host Amanda Byram, who returns for season two, told me that change doesn’t have a huge impact. “I think that ultimately, when you’re given a situation where there’s a new kid on the block, it really doesn’t matter,” she said. However, “the person that gets evicted actually leaves a letter for the new person coming in,” and “that’s almost the equivalent” of the way new contestants–who were essentially audience members and fans of the show–knew about what was going on.

Byram was “surprised and delighted” to learn that the show was returning, and she says the new season is “actually even better than season one,” and “the old fans are going to be delighted for it to be back.” That’s because there’s “more strategy, more drama.”

While she wouldn’t reveal details about twists, she says that “there’s a lot more of” them this season, and as a result, “you might see a little more of me.” Byram is present even when she’s not on-camera, because “watching behind the scenes is kind of key for me. If I’m not there, it’s very difficult for me to be the master of ceremonies, so to speak.”

As to the death of cast member Nathan, which was ruled a suicide, she said that he “was just such a sweet guy” who “loved the show.” While she admitted “it’s going to be hard to watch,” his parents “were absolutely very much determined” that his footage remain in the show.