Celebrities will control the lives of “gifted” cast on Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack

After cancelling the 2008 celebrity edition of Big Brother in the UK, Channel 4 has announced that the next season will adopt a format that involves celebrities behind the scenes.

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack will debut Jan. 3 and feature “an assortment of cheeky celebrities” who will “be helping Big Brother handle a new crop of housemates, each with a special skill,” Channel 4 says on the show’s web site. The celebrities include Joan Rivers, according to Heat.

The cast members are all 18 to 21 years old, and are “some of the most gifted young people from around the country,” including “young scientists, athletes and Mensa members,” BBC News reports. Of course, none of them were smart enough to turn down an offer to appear on the show, so who knows how much of an exaggeration that is.

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