Mole 2 Bill writes about his experiences; Fox Reality will air the second season Saturday

More than five years after the conclusion of The Mole 2, the Fox Reality Channel will re-air the entire season, and the show’s actual mole has written a book about his experiences. The second season airs from 2 to 10 p.m. ET (11 to 7 PT) Saturday; the channel rebroadcast the first season last summer.

The man who was revealed to be the mole, Bill McDaniel, has written a book about his experiences. His self-published book Reflections of the Mole “tells about the entire process…plus lots of other stuff that I have had fun doing in my life,” Bill says on its web site.

Why did it take more than five years for him to write about the show? Bill “actually wrote the book three years ago, but his contract with ABC prevented its publication for five years,” the Whidbey News-Times reports.

Reflections of The Mole
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