Heidi and Spencer are no longer engaged but are still together

The big cliffhanger on the season finale of The Hills has been resolved by two of the show’s stars: Heidi and Spencer say their wedding and engagement are off, but they are still dating.

“We’re just going back to being boyfriend and girlfriend…,” Heidi told Us Weekly, and Spencer added, “…when our relationship was flawless.”

Both seem really bitter toward one another. Spencer said, “I need to accept that Heidi wants her princess wedding and that she is the boss.” And Heidi said, “I have a high tolerance for pain. I’ve lived with Spencer.”

Meanwhile, Heidi said her ring is no longer a ring. “I turned it into a pendant. It wasn’t my dream ring. I don’t like what it represents. I might sell it,” she told the magazine.

EXCLUSIVE: Heidi Montag Confirms Engagement to Spencer Pratt Is Over [Us Weekly]