Apprentice 7’s debut moved again, and more may come in ABC and NBC’s scheduling feud

NBC has again moved The Apprentice 7‘s debut, this time back to its original debut date of Jan. 3. The network moved the debut a week later so it wouldn’t compete against ABC’s one remaining episode of Grey’s Anatomy. But then ABC moved Grey’s to , so yesterday NBC moved Donald Trump and his cast of D-list celebrities back.

Variety reports that “[o]ne factor in ABC’s decision was the Iowa caucuses, which will be held Jan. 3 and cause some preemptions around the country,” but despite that, says “there’s a good chance ABC may move that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ seg back to Jan. 3 as well, in order to blunt the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ bow.” The Hollywood Reporter attributes this to “the heated rivalry between ABC and NBC, whose top programming executives, Stephen McPherson and Ben Silverman, are engaged in a public feud.”

If two broadcast networks or their executives are going to fight using their shows as weapons, you’d think they might have picked weapons that aren’t as dull and ineffective as these two shows, both of which seem to have passed their prime. Apparently, they’re under the delusion that viewers will keep careful track of their ever-shifting plans and follow the shows no matter how many times they change nights, rather than just skipping them altogether.

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