Miss America contestants will first compete in a TLC reality series, Miss America: Reality Check

The long journey to turning Miss America into a reality show will end in a four-part TLC reality series this January.

The network previously announced this show, but reality programs related to the pageant haven’t had success in actually making it from announcement to air. Last year, CMT ditched a planned reality series and aired a special instead.

On Jan. 4, TLC will debut Miss America: Reality Check, a four-part series that will air on Fridays. The show, filmed in high definition, “brings all 52 beauty queens together to live under one roof to undo everything they have learned about pageant basics and determine if their smarts, attitudes and looks hold up in contemporary society,” according to a press release.

They will “participate in an intense set of events and challenges designed to prepare them for the finale event, a renewed competition that will redefine what it takes to be Miss America, a relatable and individual it girl’ who can connect with today’s modern woman,” TLC said.

TLC Gives Miss America a Makeover in Original Reality Program Miss America: Reality Check [TLC press release]