The Apprentice, Survivor had the most-recalled product placement in 2007

CBS’ Survivor and NBC’s The Apprentice dominated the list of the most-recalled reality show product placements this past year, while on all of television, NBC and Bravo’s reality shows were seven of the top 10 most-effective product placements.

When NBC’s The Office is included, “NBC Universal’s NBC and Bravo networks accounted for eight of the top 10 most effective integrations in 2007. While integrations generally are believed to be more effective when at least one commercial runs during the shows in which the placements appear, only six of the top 10 integrations aired together with spots,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Those numbers are from IAG Research, which surveyed viewers about products placed between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30. The new data shows that “[suggests] that networks, production companies and advertisers might be improving their use of brand integrations as they gain experience,” the paper says.

On reality TV alone, IAG Research found that The Apprentice 6‘s honey-harvesting episode, which featured Sue Bee Honey, was the most-recalled product placement of the year, while two other episodes of the same show also made the top 10. At number two was the Ford truck that played a controversial role in Survivor Fiji‘s finale, and between the Fiji and China seasons, Survivor took three of the top 10. At number 10 was something quite random: Big Brother 8‘s placement of Lipton Tea, when “Kail hides her veto box in package of tea bags during challenge.”

Here are IAG’s most-effective reality TV product placements from last year:

  1. The Apprentice: Los Angeles: Sue Bee Honey, Feb. 11, Teams are challenged to harvest and sell honey in supermarket
  2. Survivor Fiji: Ford, May 10/13, F350 Super Duty truck is the prize in reward challenge
  3. The Apprentice: Los Angeles: Soft Scrub, March 18, Teams are challenged to create webisodes to advertise Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser
  4. The Apprentice: Los Angeles: SmartMouth, April 1, Teams are challenged to create newspaper supplement to promote mouthwash
  5. Survivor China: Charmin, Oct. 25, Ultra Strong bathroom tissue is included in challenge prize
  6. The Amazing Race 12: Travelocity, April 18, Sponsor of a trip prize for first place finishers during competition
  7. Armed & Famous: Texas Roadhouse, Jan. 10, La Toya Jackson and her partner eat at restaurant
  8. Survivor Fiji: Olay, April 26, Ribbons Body Wash and spa trip are awarded as challenge prize
  9. Kid Nation: Konami, 11/28, Kids win “Dance Dance Revolution” arcade video game in the reward challenge
  10. Big Brother 8: Lipton, July 10, Kail hides her veto box in package of tea bags during challenge
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